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Home Brewing Education

Grinding. This is where it starts for the home brewer. We recommend burr grinders and in this video Marc from Whole Latte Love discusses why burr grinders are preferable to blade grinders and what else you should consider when choosing a burr grinder.


The pour over method has had quite a revival as people are appreciating the value in allowing great quality coffee to steep a while. There are quite a few pour over equipments brands, all with slightly different qualities and characteristics. In the first video Gail and Celine from Seattle Coffee Gear discuss the many different pour-over types. In the second give us their top tips for a successful pour over coffee technique.


The Aeropress has become hugely popular in recent years for its portability and great coffee. Here Lucas Zahradnik demonstrates his World Championship winning recipe and method, courtesy of European Coffee Trip.


The Espresso is the go to method for many restaurants and cafe's due to its consistently good results, but there's a lot to consider in order to get it right. Here Ben from Clive Coffee explains the essentials.


The Cafetiere or French Press. One of the simplest and most popular coffee brewing methods. In this video Ty Beddingfield, Master Barista at Buddy Brew, demonstrates the French Press method.


The Cold Brew Method. Although this method has been around since at least the 1600s it is probably the most on-trend coffee technique right now. It is favoured by those who want to extract lighter, sweeter flavours from speciality beans, without the bitterness and acidity. Here Mike Cooper from Drinks Tube demonstrates his preferred method.


The Stove-Top Espresso method is a simpler and inexpensive alternative to the full espresso method. Here Derek Townsend from Karajoz Coffee talks us through his method.


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